We are eager to have the business in Madagascar .We are very interested to expand our business in your country’s Major City like Ambalavao, Ambanja, Ambatoboeny , Ambatofinandrahana, Ambatolampy, Bealanana, Befandriana-Avaratra , Belo Tsiribihina , Benenitra, Beroroha, Besalampy, Betafo, Betioky, Betroka, Boriziny , Fenoarivo Atsinanana, Fianarantsoa, Iakora, Ifanadiana, Ihosy, Ikalamavony, Ikongo, Ivohibe, Kandreho, Befotaka, Bekily and Beloha With well developed network of our business associates, we provide optimum quality machineries. We offer simplex plodder, worm conveyor, triple roll machine, foot operated stamping machine and packing machine.

We are considered as top most manufacturer and exporter of India. we offer various soap making machineries as well as detergent cake plant, Laundry Soap Plant, Detergent Soap Plant, Labsa Plant, Toilet Soap Plant, Acid Slurry Plant and pilot plant.

To cut down the production cost, we make use of most modern technology. We also follow recent market trend to provide desired featured machineries with cost-effective price. Our up-dated features have made our machines and plants so popular in international market.

Our Product List

Detergent Cake plant in Madagascar

Laundry Soap Plant in Madagascar

Toilet Soap Machinery in Madagascar

Labsa Plant in Madagascar

Industrial Soap Plant in Madagascar

Toilet Soap Plant in Madagascar

Acid Slurry Plant in Madagascar

Washing Powder Plant in Madagascar

Detergent Soap Plant in Madagascar


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